Great Specialty Coffee !

I don’t know about you, but every once in a while the first cup of the day tastes even better than you think it’s going to taste. This morning was one of those days…perhaps because it was Monday, or maybe because Becca’s smiling face made me smile…not sure why….I’m just glad it did.


Made with Love Every Day at Fresh Cup !


I’ll be back later in the day for another latte, smile combo. :-)

The Smile Says It All !

You know what they say…‘If you don’t care of the customer, someone else will !’  Sandi has been with us forever (it seems), and I have to say….she and the rest of the Fresh Cup crew are the true assets in our business. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting her, stop in. Albeit, she’s opens in the morning very early and you may have to be up before the dawn…but pull on that door handle anytime before 7:00 a.m. (our official opening time Mon-Fri) and she’ll take care of you. I’ve watched her countless times pour a coffee, or start a specialty coffee as I talk with her…nobody standing at the till ? (huh?)  Then, appears someone through the door and their coffee is waiting for them already poured. MAGIC does happen :-)

All she sees is a car…so me thinks she has access to the ICBC data base, which is why she can do this.

What A Million Dollar Smile Looks Like !

Clean Air Artisan Coffee Roasting

The word ‘sustainability’ is not only a huge word on its own, it’s one that takes on many meanings depending on the industry you use it in context with. For years, many customers looked towards the ‘fair trade’ logo as a sign of a better coffee world, and for the most part it is. Years ago we opted to go the route of ‘farmer friendly’ which supports the same philosphy but with more flexibility between the farmer and buyer of the green coffee…we wanted to stay the path of organic as part of our commitment to a cleaner planet and I’m glad we did. 

Great taste, not at the expense of the environment !

Our ‘Clean Air’ journey started over 10 years ago and we wanted to put forth a symbol that customers could identify with regarding our efforts to reduce the energy and polluting emissions in the coffee roasting process. We are proud to present this symbol and soon you will find it on all of our coffee bags as a small reminder of how we consume 20 X less energy, and produce 20 X less emissions to roast your daily bean. In terms of the word ‘Artisan’ well….that’s straight forward if you’ve tried our coffee :-)

Hot Day…Iced Americano x 3

Today was a true reminder on how hot the Westcoast can really be. I mean at one point it was 31 degrees, and being near the water, the humidity feels pretty crazy.

The iced Americano saved the day today…in fact, it took 3 of them for me to keep going at the pace I like to keep.

Even Roastmaster Mel opted for one while he was roasting.

Thank goodness we re-claim the heat in our Roastaire like we do…I couldn’t imagine what a drum roaster shop would have felt like today…yikes.



Single Cup Brewing – No stale coffee required !

Recently we started selling the

Freshly Roasted Organic Coffee - for less than stale !

reusable ‘Solofill’ replacement filter that fits many of the single-cup brewing systems out there on the market today. Our research showed a number of options, and we felt that we had to step in and help our customers understand that there were better filter replacement options that the standard ones offered by the same manufactures of their machines. We also discovered that the manufacturer’s don’t want to talk about the option of using a reusable filter because they make money selling, supporting, endorsing the stale coffee options currently selling for almost $1.00 each when you can get a deal. The good news here is…when you use a ‘Solofill’ filter in the Keurig along with our freshly roasted coffee, the cost comes down to about .36 cents per portion !  When was the last time you could drink freshly roasted organic coffee and ‘save’ money over stale ! (Love – It !)

July 4th….

This morning at 6:00 a.m. the sun was perfectly positioned. Coffee in hand I faced another Westcoast day (without rain). So, I went into the Roastery where Mel just brought a fresh batch of Brazilian out of the Roastaire. I took some and put them onto our comparison tray from Panama. After 12 years of roasting, I am always amazed at the transformation of the green coffee to our beloved bean that we cherish.

The Brazilian is a bright, clean acidic bean that leaves no bitter aftertaste. I love the taste of Brazilian as a great breakfast coffee to start the day.

Cheers, Jim

Freshly Roasted Brazilian...a thing of beauty.


Summer Camping, fire and coffee….


Fire gazing with coffee in Port Renfrew !

It was a relief to see that the weather has finally decided to fall in line with our needs. Now that summer is officially here I was reminded this past weekend how much I love fresh coffee and fire-gazing, well…it wasn’t actually a camp fire, it was the fire pit at the cabin, under shelter, over looking the bay in Port Renfrew. The only obstruction were the 6 or so Eagles flying back and forth…ahh, nature and fresh coffee in front of the fire.