Coffee and Muffin…A Canadian Tradition

A Canadian Tradition

If I think about the daily coffee ritual in a broader sense, I have to say that no other item goes better with a freshly roasted, freshly ground, and freshly brewed cup of coffee than a ‘made-from-scratch’ muffin. We see dozens go across the counter every day and sometimes forget the support role they play in the enjoyment of a cup of coffee. The three Gluten-free muffins above are: Buckwheat-Espresso-Flax, Carrot-Zucchini, and Blueberry-Lemon. I sat this morning enjoying one with my Americano and it was a truly good start to the day !

Gluten-Free Brownies….and Not so Gluten Free Pretzels

This past Friday I had the chance to taste another one of Sarah’s Gluten-Free creations. Yes, there is such a thing as ‘Gluten-Free’ brownies…and these ones had sour cherries in them for a little bit of a contrasting kick !

What I forgot to mention was the staring point….a delicious ‘Beer’ pretzel. How does this all tie into coffee you ask ? Well, the whole concept of food and coffee is an ongoing journey and being able to sample unique world style foods with coffee is the journey. No destination in mind per say, but a flavour journey for sure. Many coffee houses here on Vancouver Island don’t often offer customers cool and unusual food because…..I’m not actually sure why. Anyhow, the beer pretzel with sesame seeds, and course salt was an amazing start and the brownie was a fun finish, and the espresso….well, that just tied all things together.

OMG Preztel

Happy New Year 2013

Time to get back at it !

 Well, the world continued past the 21st of December which many predicted. My guess on that calendar things was…the person responsible for making the calendar either got called for dinner, or realized that making a calendar in perpetuity was a dead-end job and went on to something more rewarding, like roasting coffee !  With the New Year well on its way for 6 days, it seems like the country will start to return to normal. Which begs the question: What is normal?  The last few years have been tough for sure (more for some for sure), however, we each live in a small section of the world and we ‘choose’ the story. Our story can vary somewhat with the influence of various environmental pieces around us…however, as the protagonist in your own life the pen is in your hands, so what you write is mainly up to you.

In terms of life…it continues with or without our approval…so, stay focused and make things happen in your life, don’t watch them happen…because if you do, you will be one of the lambs who ‘wonder what happened’.