It Can’t Always Be About Coffee !

Adrenaline is contagious !

Deep Sea fishing with Dave, Billy, Ricardo and Erin was a blast…no other way to say it !  Despite Erin feeling a little sea sick, he never lost his very dry sense of humour. We had a ton of fun, and sun on this amazing Guatemala journey. We took a break from coffee and focused on catching some dinner. This was not it, because Sailfish are a catch and release thing. I will tell you that time stood still while I reeled this one in. It took between 25-30 minutes, which felt like seconds when it was all over. That day we brought in ‘2’ Sailfish that weighed about 85-90 lbs. and 6 Durrado that ranged from 5-8 lbs…which was an excellent eating fish, see below a photo of Dave and Ricardo, and Billy with these beautiful fish.

Dinner is Served !


Now we can feed the Tribe !


Santa Clara Coffee – A True Treat

A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of meeting the plantation owners who ensure our Guatemalan coffee is grown with care, harvested with focus, and processed with attention to detail. The all day tour of the 250 acre plantation was amazing and Ricardo and Cynthia are wonderful caring people. The coffee produced on their farm is excellent and consistent…just what we look for as roasters. These cherries are have now reached their peak of ripeness and have all the wonderful ingredients, which we unlock with the roasting process.

Ricardo and Cynthia have operated their farm at Santa Clara for almost 25 years !   They care deeply for their workers, which we had the pleasure of meeting. The farm was a very happy place to spend a day learning.

What a fabulous couple !

Guatemala Here We Come !

Beautiful Roasting....

The joiurney begins with a brief stop in LAX, long enough to have a great ‘Wheat Beer’ !

All aboard….Katherine and I will be on a coffee tour in 48 hours…meeting the farmer who was respsonsible for growing this fabulous coffee….Can’t wait !