It Can’t Always Be About Coffee !

Adrenaline is contagious !

Deep Sea fishing with Dave, Billy, Ricardo and Erin was a blast…no other way to say it !  Despite Erin feeling a little sea sick, he never lost his very dry sense of humour. We had a ton of fun, and sun on this amazing Guatemala journey. We took a break from coffee and focused on catching some dinner. This was not it, because Sailfish are a catch and release thing. I will tell you that time stood still while I reeled this one in. It took between 25-30 minutes, which felt like seconds when it was all over. That day we brought in ‘2’ Sailfish that weighed about 85-90 lbs. and 6 Durrado that ranged from 5-8 lbs…which was an excellent eating fish, see below a photo of Dave and Ricardo, and Billy with these beautiful fish.

Dinner is Served !


Now we can feed the Tribe !


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