Wheat-Free & Welcome Sarah Green


It was a real pleasure to see Sarah Green come back to Fresh Cup after being away for many years. In that time Sarah has accomplished much and we’re excited to be able to work together on our new ‘PLUS’ line of wheat-free bakery items in the cafe. Welcome Aboard Sarah

Sarah Green Bio

Having shown prowess in the kitchen at an early age,  Sarah took that talent to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology where she graduated with honours earning her Baking and Pastry Arts diploma.  Convinced that gluten free baking could actually be delicious, she met this challenge head on and continues to bring pastry junkies to their knees with her outstanding recipes.


Where Gluten Free and Coffee Collide

For the past couple of months the idea of creating our own Gluten Free line of baked goods has rattled around our brain. After trying some different third party products, we were somewhat discouraged. THEN…a call came from a former employee who left us to attend college to get her Pastry Chef Certification called and asked if we had anything we wanted to create ?  How cool is that !  Sarah Green worked for us about 7 years ago and her passion for Baking is as intense now as it was then. She’s a welcomed addition to the Fresh Cup team and she brings a creative touch to everything she makes. The Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf was a hug hit this weekend, in fact, many people who were ‘not’ sensitve to wheat bought and enjoyed the experience.


Above are some of the samples that we’ve created this past week. Testing has gone well (for me at least, I get to eat) and the results thus far show that Gluten Free does not have to be dry or uninteresting. We realize the phrase ‘Gluten Free’ is very specific, so we will promote the items as ‘wheat-free’. We have a dedicated day in our food production schedule that we make the batters to minimize any cross contamination.
Welcome Sarah Green, and welcome to our new ‘Plus’ line of bakery items offered starting November 1st at Fresh Cup.

Time Flys When You’re Roasting Great Coffee !

The last time we posted was in August and much has happened since then. I travelled back to Edmonton in mid August to finish-off work on a Roastaire destined to go a coffee house in

Westcoast coffee roasting

B.C. called the ‘Wood N’ Frog’ Coffee Company. Kelly and Sandy anxiously awaited its arrival, and Trevor and I installed it over the course of 2 days near the end of the month.

We then travelled back to Victoria, set up for a Saturday at the Peninsula Country Market, then spent the following 2 days getting loaded (not like loaded), so we could turn around and head across the country to the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show…..10,000 km’s and counting.

Back to Vancouver for 2 days of training with Mel our Roastmaster, and Kelly and Sandy. Then…off to Toronto ! 

Needless to say the show was a huge success. There’s a lot more coffee house owners interested in roasting on-site than there was 2 years ago and with the help of uncle Brent and Ben, and cousins Darren and Brandon we were able to get things done in an orderly manner. The journey back was as hectic as the one going there, but I had a much longer list to attend to upon my return to Victoria.

Since coming back we’ve worked with Kelly and Sandy on some more training, and sourced some new green coffees to try.  It’s nice being home and we look forward to ramping-up for the Christmas season.

Lots of new surprises coming your way, both on the coffee and food side of life.

Cheers, Jim

What Lengths We Go To For Coffee !

I spent quite a bit of time today working on roasters…yes, roasters. Most people have 1 roaster, however, when you’re planning to attend the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show things get complicated.

We’ve been asked to head-up 2 educations sessions on where we think the traditional coffee house is going and what we think is this….‘The Roastery Cafe is the next evolution of the coffee house’. No longer should people settle for stale coffee when they can get a fresh one for the same price…well, that unless of course you’re ‘M_C_F_’ and can give coffee away free…which pulls into question: If you think you’re coffee is good, why ARE you giving it away ?

West Coast Sunset with Coffee in hand.

The whole idea of the coffee house was to provide a place for lively community discussion, however, along the way many people have forgotten that coffee is the catalyst, and stale coffee leads to stale discussion (remember that). People who drink stale coffee likely offer stale conversation (another thing to be aware of).

Ahh…the West Coast….nothing like it.

Public Displays of Affection

Not everyone is comfortable with public displays of affection…however, have you ever witnessed someone just diggin’ their coffee in this way ? For whatever reason society has continually gone back and forth on whether or not we should or should not ‘get personal’ in public. What do you think ?  yes or no on the personal PDA ?

The one stable relationship in our lives…

No matter your view of personal PDA’s, the love of fresh coffee continues. What kind of world would it be without some affection ?  Love a coffee with a close friend this B.C. Day.

[Roasting Costa Rican, Peruvian, Sumatra coffees today…short roast day.]

Great Specialty Coffee !

I don’t know about you, but every once in a while the first cup of the day tastes even better than you think it’s going to taste. This morning was one of those days…perhaps because it was Monday, or maybe because Becca’s smiling face made me smile…not sure why….I’m just glad it did.


Made with Love Every Day at Fresh Cup !


I’ll be back later in the day for another latte, smile combo. :-)

The Smile Says It All !

You know what they say…‘If you don’t care of the customer, someone else will !’  Sandi has been with us forever (it seems), and I have to say….she and the rest of the Fresh Cup crew are the true assets in our business. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting her, stop in. Albeit, she’s opens in the morning very early and you may have to be up before the dawn…but pull on that door handle anytime before 7:00 a.m. (our official opening time Mon-Fri) and she’ll take care of you. I’ve watched her countless times pour a coffee, or start a specialty coffee as I talk with her…nobody standing at the till ? (huh?)  Then, appears someone through the door and their coffee is waiting for them already poured. MAGIC does happen :-)

All she sees is a car…so me thinks she has access to the ICBC data base, which is why she can do this.

What A Million Dollar Smile Looks Like !